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Philippines Campaign Prayer Requests                                    April 9th—April 19th


Isaiah 61:1


The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.


Praying as we labor with Christ to the glory of God:


Prayer for the American PFC team members (Eddie, Tim, Steve, Greg, Mark, Jaycob, Dee and Kathleen)

  • A constant awareness that this campaign is His work, not ours

  • Humble, dependent hearts with compassion for the lost and suffering

  • Lives submitted to the Lord for self-sacrifice and service

  • Sustained health

  • Preparation for speaking and administrative responsibilities, especially for newbies Steve, Jaycob, and Kathleen


Prayer for the Philippine team members

  • Organized and spontaneous opportunities to help train and assist the national team in their prison ministries

    • Pastor Noel Alberto and family

    • Prison ministry volunteers

  • Encouragement and motivation for the national team to faithfully and effectively serve in their prison ministries

  • Mutual respect, cooperation, patience, and love between the Philippine and American teams


Prayer for logistics (coordination of this complex operation)

  • Wise and accurate pre-trip supply packing

  • Safe arrival of all luggage and supplies

  • Safe accommodations for the PFC team

  • Humanitarian aid available for purchase in-country and at reasonable expense

  • Safe and uneventful travel to, from, and within country

  • Fully functioning equipment, including sound systems


Prayer for Prison Services

  • PFC team on time for all services

  • Prison facilities open and safe

  • Order maintained during services

  • PFC team members will speak clearly, compassionately, and effectively under the Lord’s leading and power


Prayer for inmates

  • Encouragement and maturing of those that are believers—our brothers and sisters in Christ

  • Salvation and hope for the unsaved, that their hearts will be prepared for the Gospel and the call of Christ to repentance and faith

  • Inmates will be allowed to attend services


Prayer for Correctional Staff at the prisons

  • Favorable support from Officers in Charge in all thirteen prisons

  • Mutual respect, cooperation, patience, and appreciation

  • Prison leadership and staff will have hearts prepared for the Gospel and the call of Christ to repentance and faith


Prayer for Prison Ministry Volunteer Training and Leadership Conferences to be held during our visit

  • Good volunteer attendance

  • Key prison ministry concepts clearly understood as presented

  • Volunteers motivated and committed to effective and growing ministries



All to the glory of God

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